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Caitlin Foster


new prints!

I’m very excited to announce 2 new prints I made with Little Paper Planes!  Both are big in scale-the biggest I have ever done! I created two new drawings specifically for these prints, so please take a minute to check them out.  They make excellent presents!


happy holidays!

Wool Rug, 2011

One, Two, Three, 2011

Squared, 2011

Lost Horizon, 2011

Cosmology, 2011

New Years, 2011

Green, 2011

I should have posted this a while ago!  Here is an interview with me with Little Paper Planes   Give it a look.

Small Kitchen Rug, 2011

Small and Humid, 2011

where to buy my prints:

and here!  now selling Stones prints, via paypal.  Contact me if interested.

Fourth of July (big), 2011

Orfeu, 2011

4th of July (small), 2011